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Newborn Baby in India

"It was the tiniest thing I ever decided to put my whole life into" - Terri Guillemets

Just like any other country, Indian's mother and newborn baby are confined in their home following the birth of the child. The confinement period is generally between 30-40 days.

Every week of the confinement process has its own special name which are Jatakarma, Namakarana, Nishkramana, Karnavedha, Annaprasanna and Chudakarma (Mundan)


Jatakarma ceremony is the first ceremony for the newborn baby after the childbirth. The purpose of celebrating this ceremony is to make the baby get used to the values in the child even tough he/she does not understand the importance. The Jatakarma ritual can be seen here Jatakarma ritual

Jatakarma ( Week 1)


This is the ceremony where the baby's name are given. Good name must have good meaning. The good meaning is to remind the children of their goal and objective.

Namakarana ( Week 1 - Week 2 )


Nishkramana is when the new baby is carried out from the house for the first time. The aim of these rituals are to expose the baby to the sun, the moon and to the gods

Nishkramana ( Week 6 - Week 7 )


Technically, this ceremony is to get the baby dress well. During this day, a baby boy get his first ear pierced on the right ear and a baby girl get her first ear pierced on the left ear. 

Karnavedha ( Week 12 - Week 24 )


This is a ritual where the baby intake the first food instead of milk. The ritual is usually guided by a priest, who suggest an auspicious date on which to conduct the ceremony

Annaprasanna ( Week 25 - Week 28 )


Chudakarma or also called as Mundan is a ritual that aims blessing the child to have a long fulfilling life. The baby is going to have their first hair cut as it is the important tradition in India.

Chudakarma (Mundan) ( Week 52 )

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