Saturday, 23 August 2014

Newborn Baby in Spain

"When my baby is sleeping that's when I think 'Wow, I made it'" - Anonymous

Baby or infants in Latin words called as El Nino. In Spain, there's no traditional ritual of celebrating the newborn baby. But, there are one festival that they celebrate every year special for babies which is Baby Jumping festival. Some might think that the baby is the one who are going to jump right? nah, obviously the babies cannot jump. 

This festival recalls the eternal fight between good and evil and is believed to put the babies on a path to a good life. According to the tradition, parents put their one-year-old child on a mattress at the central square of a small village. Then, a man dressed in a cheerful yellow costume meant to symbolize the devil, takes a running start and jump over the babies 

Man with cheerful yellow costume jump over the babies

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