Saturday, 23 August 2014

Tears of Crying Baby

Hello readers :)

My story has come to the end??

Well, it is sad to say that we have come to the last part of the story which is to conclude about my blog. Actually, this is my second time writing entries on blog since I have experienced once writing for personal purpose only. I never thought that I can finish this thing such as designing the banners, add some widgets here and there, writing up few entries and so on.

Writing entries is easy but to make it alive and attractive for readers to read is not an easy task. I must say that I am proud with myself so far since I never put all my efforts and time to be as creative as I could like what I did for this blog. 

My hope upon this blog is that readers will gain something by read through all the entries that is basically about the unique ritual or custom of the newborn baby. Yes, some might says this blog only suitable for newmother or adults but hey, it is an academic purpose so I welcome everyone to sit back and enjoy reading my entries.

Last but not least. Special thanks to Madam Hawinda, who guide me from the beginning and also suggesting this topic. Also thank you to my family who always there behind me to support me and friends who help me in making this blog alive. Till then, good bye readers :)

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